I enjoy Indian classical music. My focus is mainly on the south Indian (karnatak) style of Indian music. I have been learning to play the flute (from Vidwan K.P.Upadhyaya) since high school. K.V.Narayanaswamy is one of my favorite artists (I have a good collection of his concert recordings, let me know if you want to copy it).

Apart from classical music, I sometimes listen to old Kannada and Hindi film songs. Kishore Kumar and P.B.Srinivas are among my favorite artists.

Some books that I find intersting and fun to read are Hercule Poirot novels (Agatha Christie) - You should definitely read “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” or “The Death on the Nile” to realise the depth of her plots. I also enjoy Asterix, Tintin, Phantom, Mandrake, Amar Chitra Katha and Chandamama. Lately I have begun to read Kannada literature and find S.L.Bhyrappa's novels very interesting.

I have been cycling on a daily basis for about 15 years now and consider cycling to be the best mode of intra-city transportation. I love going on trekking expeditions to the western ghats. Here are pictures (unedited/unfiltered) from a recent trek to the Himalayas.

Mysore obsession:
Anyone who grew up in Mysore will easily accept that its the best city to live in. Its a calm place with a charm of its own. I make sure I don't miss going home in the weekends. Home is where I'm most productive (study/work).

Here is a link to my old website. It has some interesting/memorable photographs.