MSc (Engg): 2012-2015 - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore:
Coursework (grade inside parentheses):

  • Linear Algebra and Applications (A).
  • Computer Architecture (A): My course project was on hardware prefetching (report can be found here).
  • Advanced Techniques in Compilation and Programming for Parallel Architectures (A): My seminar for this course was on SIMDization/Vectorization (slides available here)

Thesis: Fast Flow-Sensitive Pointer Analysis. Advisor: Prof. R. Govindarajan.

Work at NVIDIA (Bangalore): 2010-2012 - “System Software Engineer” in the GPU compiler team:
My work involved writing data flow analysis passes, machine independent optimizations and peep hole optimizations. I have also worked on register allocation and scheduling. I worked on the Tesla PTX (CUDA) compiler as well as on the Tegra graphics compiler.

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering): 2006-2010 - Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineeing (SJCE), Mysore:
Final year project: (report can be found here)

Exploration of SSA based optimizations using GCC:
(1) A comparison of Φ-placement algorithms.
(2) Implementation of a predicated global value numbering algorithm as an
    alternative to GCC's existing value numbering algorithm.

I also worked on other compiler related topics such as dominators, random CFG generation, random IR generation, basic data flow analysis and optimizations on randomly generated IR/CFG.

My seminar report and slides (Construction of a DFA from Regular Expressions without an intermediate NFA) can be downloaded here

Advisor - Mr. Prashantha Naduthota

Score in entrance exams:

  • State rank 94 in the Common Entrance Test (CET 2006) for engineering.
  • All India rank 90 in GATE 2013.

Schooling: 1994-2004 - 1st to 10th standard - Manasarowar Pushkarini Vidyashrama (CBSE), Mysore.
Pre-university: 2004-2006 - Mahajana pre-university college, Mysore.